Sunday, December 19, 2010

SSFIV FrameDroid : frame data app for Android now live in market

Dragula96 (that's me) has released a handy app for the Android OS phones.
its a pocket sized version of frame data for SSFIV!.
for just $1.29 you can get this off the Android Market Place.
just head on over on your phone and do a search for "SSFIV" and it will show up as SSFIV Framedroid.

thanks for your support!

*UPDATE - I had taken the app off the market for a day so i could remove any copywrighted material on the app, last thing i want is to be banned from the market and not be able to continue bringing updates to this app. IT'S BACK ONLINE with a new interface.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kitchen Fighter 3 (fight night): if you can,t stand the heat Stay out of the kitchen!

What: Fight Night
When: Friday December 3rd
Where: Dave's Kitchen
Time: 9:00pm - 2:00am
You guys know the deal.
Ill try and get us a subway buffet tray for you guys so show up hungry!
ill have 2 settups, someone bring an xbox and i already have an extra tv.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Street Fighter Player Publishes Novel: Show your support and purchase it at

Stanford Kelly(left) strikes a pose with Burn Your bra (Right) outside one of the the many tournaments this year.

Street Fighter IV Tournament Player Burnyourbra aka Sola, has published a book last month.
As some of you may recall Sola was at Laredo's very own Border Rumble 2010 and did extremely well placing 5th place!

show her some love and check out her book at theres a paper back version as well as a kindle version. her book is called Deamhan. Check it out here.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Drunken Fighter (Fight Night) at J.J.'s Friday November 11th

Wow, its been a month without any real Laredo SFIV news,  but now thanks to J.J. Gonzalez we got a fight night going on.

Friday November 19th
1415 Cozumel St. (Concord Hills)
BYOB/ Stick

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reminder: Border Rumble Aftermath Online PSN Tournament Tonight!

The Brackets are set!

Tonight we dine in hell!
don't forget if you registered for BR: Aftermath, the PSN Online SSFIV  tournament starts at 10:30 so dont be late!



October 9th, 2010


PSN Text Chat

1st Prize is a $50 GAMESTOP Giftcard!

Local & TX Players Welcome!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Made a Laredo,Tx post over at after the results of Border Rumble 2010

I shortened the link up so its easyer to remember:
Laredo players, please stop by and say hello to the world and leave a coment!

Update: I made an even shortter url :p

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Imnextonline invades Boarder Rumble 2010!

our good friend YetiAntics from  has posted a very nice video of interviews and captured the vibe of Border Rumble 2010, thanks!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Border Rumble 2010 Tournament Results from Laredo, Tx

First of all, I would like to thank Mikeyboy956, Felipe Garcia for co-hosting the event, and Dr. Joel Sauceda for putting up the Guaranteed $500 Dollars.
I would also like to thank the players from out of town for coming down here.

Shout out to the boys from Houston: Josh,Jan, Anthony Word. thanks for coming guys sorry if i didn't get to play you guys, i was allover the place yesterday, my game was way off. :-(

Shout out to Burn Your Bra, thanks for showing up, she did extremely well at the tournament, beating down some of the boys here in Laredo!

Special Thanks to: Monster's Arcade for traveling a 5 hour trip down here to Stream the event live and providing us some systems and TVs for us to play on.

OK, now for the results:

Top 3 SSFIV Results(out of 37 players):

1st. Victor T. | Laredo
2nd. Fro | Brownsville
3rd. Pabbs (Loveless) | Laredo

Top 2 SC4 Results(out of 9 players):

1. WarriorPanda | Laredo *correction
2. Gabriel Martinez | Laredo

Unfortunately only 2 people signed up for Tekken 6, and two for MvC2.
so i wont be listing the results for those.

Over all it was a great tournament, with allot of support, next year's Border Rumble 2011 will be at least $1000 Guaranteed + Pot! so we hope to see more players down here to Try and take the title from Laredo!

here are the streams captured from Monster's Arcade.
Grand Finals:

Watch live video from Monsters Arcade on


Watch live video from Monsters Arcade on

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reminder: Just 7 more days till Border Rumble 2010, Laredo, TX | $500 + Pot!

Monster's Arcade will be streaming live!

For updated information visit this link:

Saturday October 2nd 2010

Bravo Care
6508 N. Bartlett Ave.
Laredo, Tx 78041

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yun & Yang Officially in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

this is what iplaywinner had to write:
"In a surprise to, well, pretty much no one, Yun and Yang have confirmed to be in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. A location test is currently underway, and beyond the confirmation of the two new characters, there are also reports of gameplay changes. According to a post on SRK, Yun's Super is Genei-Jin and both him and Yang have their target combos from Third Strike. Hakan has also allegedly received some buffs, with him now being able to "stack oil" and even combo into oil off of a standing light kick.

Oichi over at Versus City is also reporting than Zangief's EX Green Hand does not knock down. Also, arguably more surprising is that blocked Blanka Balls now recover half the distance that they used to, which will make it much easier for many characters to punish, not just Balrog and a few others. He also mentions that Juri's Fireballs now "combo naturally" though I'm not entirely sure what that means. Seth's Jumping Fierce Punch has also apparently been nerfed, but it's not clear by how much at this point.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Laredoans: Fight Night this Saturday at Diegos (Bionic Pickles) House!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Diego has moved Fight Night to SUNDAY AT 6:00 PM
   Diegos' parents are going out of town for the weekend, you know what that means!
Bionic Pickles is having Fight Night at his house this Saturday 9/11 style!
Be sure you bring your refreshments/snacks, controllers/sticks, chairs.
He also asks if anyone can bring a system or tv. there will be 2 or 3 setups, maybe a 4th if people contribute.

Be sure to check  out bionic pickles website at:
Address: 4207 Merida dr. 78046
Fight Night Starts at around 8:00 PM
PSNID: BionicPickles, GT: Bionic Pickles

View Larger Map

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SFIV/SSFIV Laredo Player rankins update is up: 9/8/2010

The Full version (now in html) can be viewed here:

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SSF4 XBOX Online Tournament Fundraiser : FIGHT FOR THE CURE

September 18 at 3:00pm - September 20 at 12:00am



Fight For the Cure Super Street Fighter 4 XBOX Live Online Tournament.
The Tournament is brought to you by Arman “Rm519” Ramazyan, Yameng “Yammy” Song, and Marc Nguyen. Streamed Live on and sponsored by BLGaming.

West Coast: Saturday Sept.18 at 3pm PST
East Coast: Sunday Sept.19 at 6pm EST following LiveOnThree

Your couch - XBOX Live

IMNEXTONLINE Presents: Border Rumble 2010: AFTERMATH

October 3rd, 2010
PSN Text Chat
1st Prize is a $50 GAMESTOP Giftcard!
Local & TX Players Welcome!
-Double Elimination
-2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, 99 Seconds
-Winner must keep same character, may change ultra. Loser may change character and ultra.
-Brackets will be randomized and run on Challonge.
-Top placemen of bracket hosts match, unless host passes so opponent can host.
-Matches will be played as soon as they become available.
-Losers Bracket matches will happen as soon as they are available.
-Chances of more than 16 players is possible.

-If a DOUBLE KO happens and the result is a draw game, results vary:
–If after 1st fight, the next fight, Winner take all.
–If after 2nd fight, Whoever won the 1st fight, wins.


Please leave a comment here: with your Full Name and PSN ID to enter!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mortal Kombat Hands-On Impressions; Playstation 3 May Have Exclusive Stage Designed for 3D

Hands-on impressions for Mortal Kombat are surfacing out of the Gamestop Manager's Conference 2010 (our very own Mikeyboy956 was on hand for this event), courtesy of TRMK. Information has also come out of the conference regarding pre-order bonus for the game!

Here's an impression of the general gameplay. After the jump you will find info on the game's (tentative, as it can change) pre-order bonuses. If you want to get some impressions on a few of the characters, visit TRMK for more info and some photos from the event.

According to TRMK, there was apparently talk that the Playstation 3 version might get an exclusive stage made for 3D. It was previously revealed that this game would make use of the stereoscopic 3D that Sony is making a big push for lately.

Microsoft's new patented d-pad technology makes things a little better for playing fighting games

Microsoft is releasing a new wireless controller. With a new "transforming " d-pad which will supposedly be better then the nasty current d-pad. This is good news for those people that still play fighting games on pad. The Co stroller will be released November 9 the.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mikeyboy956 gets to play MK9 & MVC3 | Meets Ed Boon!

Mikeyboy956 with MK Creator Ed Boon!

Our favorite Local Tournament Organizer gets to play Mortal Kombat (9) and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 at a Game Stop Conference... Lucky SOB!


UPDATE: Mikeyboy tearing it up in MVC3!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Laredo SSFIV PSN Online 16 Man Tournament FREE Entry Win a $25 Dollar Gift Card!

Mikeyboy956 & Presents:

Super Street Fighter IV PSN Online 16 Man Tournament
Friday, Sept. 3rd 2010
10:30 P.M. Central
On Plyastation Network
First 14 People to sign up are Guaranteed In.
FREE Entry
Double Elimination, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games.
1st Place gets a $25 Gift Card from Game Stop.
Sorry, local players only (Laredo/NL).
Participants MUST Pre-Register by leaving a comment on this post with their full name and PSN I.D.

Signed up List Updated 08/31/10:
01. David Martinez  | Dragula96 | co-host
02. Mikeyboy956 | | co-host
03. Pablo Nieto | PABBS78046
04. Bruno Diaz |   Bruneo_Dj
05. Alex Tano Benitez | xxTano87xx
06. JC Garcia | YetiAntics
07. Oscar Diaz | DarKaoZ
08. Rafael Villafuerte | rafinho_85
09. J.J. Gonzalez | lordwrath
10. EHerostratos
11. Victor Trevino | xxTano87xx
12. Diego | BionicPickles
13. Gustavo Martinez | xxTano87xx
14. Gabriel Martinez | xxTano87xx
15. Felipe Garcia | felipesub
16. FREE
17. FREE

Congradulations to Pabbs78046 who took home the $25 gift card from gamestop!
Alex Tano came in Second.
Good Job guys! I would like to thank everyone that showed up and also thanks to Mikeyboy for co-sponsoring the gift card!

Bruno had to drop out after getting knocked down to losers bracket, thats too bad i wanted to see how far he could go.

I would like to appologize to Victor, I got confused and left him out of the tournament, sorry dude.
some people couldnt make it that signed up, maybe next time.

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Cross Counter Episode 9: Biggavelli (Guile) vs Damdai (Ryu)

I recommend all Guile players to view this video!
If you have missed any previeus Cross Counter Episodes please visit: to catch up.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

SFIV/SSFIV Laredo Player Rankings Updated! 8/22/2010

SFIV/SSFIV Laredo Player Ratings
Updated: 08/22/2010
Thanks to Joel Sauceda :-)
UPDATE 2: After looking though the ratings I noticed some people are listed twice. for example, yetiantics and Juan C. Garcia are the same person, so is Gustavo and Quack :s

I let Joel know and a corrected list will be done around Wednesday. so... THE RATINGS WILL CHANGE.
In the mean time, I ask everyone to look at the list and post any people that are listed twice.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

An early look at ryu in tekken x street fighter

Yep here u go.. non-rumor fighting game news.

Source : capcom-unity

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red box to start renting out games in the future?

I went to Walmart and decided to browse the redbox for movies when I hit the "rent movies " button, I was presented with a menu with options.  One such option was "games". After half a second it automatically chose movies category for me. :(

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kitchen Fighter 4 - The fight continues! (Sunday, August 8th, 2010)

We had a great turnout this time around also, even better then last time!
16 players showed up.
thanks to pabbs, vic,goose, Addic, and Tano for bringing in food and refreshments!
I ran into some problems with the stream, during the live stream the audio was spazing out.

Watch live streaming video from laredosfiv at

Due to this past weekend's successful fight night, people that missed it can't wait for 3 weeks from now. so i decided to be nice and host it again.

Everyone is invited again. We will have 2 setups for SSFIV(ps3 & 360) and 1 for Tekken 6 (ps3).

The event will be streamed from my phone.
you can check it out at

...And as always lets' "Keep it Classy!"

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Border Rumble 2010 Breaking News: Monster's Arcade are gonna be here Streaming Live!

Remember seeing us play in SA 2 Weeks ago live on the Internet thanks to Monster's Arcade...
well they are so nice, that they agreed to come all the way down to a little un-known city called Laredo,TX
to live stream Border Rumble 2010 on October 2nd!, we got Professional quality Live Stream now!

Let's show them how much we Laredoans appreciated them coming all the way down here and donate
what you guys can to their Quakecon "completely Free" Tournament, any amount of donation will be appreciated, keep in mined that they are coming down here for free. so show support and donate, to the quakecon pot! they don't get the money, the donations are for the Tournament Pot, so what this means is that we are supporting the Fighting Game Scene, and so is Monster's Arcade which put up $2,000 worth of prize money already!

Donate via Paypal to your favorite fighting game here:

Make sure you add a note for what game its for.

Monsters Arcade Quakecon Completely FREE $500 SSF4, T6, SSB & BBCS

August 14 · 9:00am - 11:30pm
Quakecon, Hilton Anatole

2201 Stemmons Freeway 75207
Dallas, TX
"Completely Free", formally known as Mashfest, has been reformed with the help of Monsters Arcade, GMMA, and Quakecon. Completely Free is not just the name. Everything about this tournament is completely free! No venue fee! No pot fee! just show up!

For those of you who have never been to or heard of Quakecon, it is a 3 day long, 24 hour a day event held by id software in Dallas every year. Our tournaments are taking place in the... BYOC (bring your own computer area), which has space enough to hold 3000 computers! Quakecon is the biggest LAN party in the US every year and we want to make our community a part of that!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fight Night tonight @10pm - My place will have 3 SSFIV setups all local players invited.

Sunday August 1st, My pace, 10pm - 2am.
bring yoru controlers/joysticks/beer, whatever,
just behave yourselves or get banned for life.
I will have 2 ps3 setups and 1 360 setup.

UPDATE: the Setups are up:
looks nice if i sayso myself ;p

Update 2: Thanks for everyone that attended, Fight Night at Dave's was a huge success with 11 people attending. we fit Half the Laredo SSFIV Community in my house!

Thanks to Pabbs,Gabriel, Mikeyboy,Felipe,Felix,Alan,Tano,Goose, Victor,Romo,Jesse


It was fun, we will do it again in 3 weeks.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm off to the South Texas Open Tournament Event in McAllen, Tx

Wish me Luck!
I invited Pabbs to go with me and my family as my special guest :p
I'm not sure how much of it will be streamed, but this is the link they provided to watch:
SSFIV starts at 4:00pm.

I will be updating any news from the event on this post via comments section.
Enjoy the show!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

That's it... im building us a tent in my backyard so we can all hangout on weekends!

That's right a party tent!  Fight nights at my place!  That's my new project starting Sunday. Ill be updating progress with pictures and stuff. As the weeks go by.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SFIV X Tekken: gamepay footage

Street Fighter X Tekken Announced, here is some footage, I have to admit, looks better then I expected.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Monster's Arcade will be streaming video of tomorrows SSFIV tournament: Alamo City Gaming Championship

Update 7/26/10:
Tournament Results for Laredo Players:

17th – Julio “The Girth” De Hoyos (Chun)
33rd – G0dWar (Honda)
33rd – MIKEYBOY956 (Juri/Ken)
33rd – Dragula96 (Blanka)
33rd – Victor Trevino (Ryu)
49th – “Hurricane” Alex XxTano87xX (Guile/Cody)
49th – Goose (Guile)
(List shamelessly stolen from
OK, I take it back, we didn't all do that bad,
Good going to Julio who made it farther than any of us local dudes.

Well it's over, we went, we saw and we got owned.
Highlight of my day was getting to meet and hang out with Guitar Hero Pro Gamer Starslay3r
She is really cool to hang out with, gave me autograph for my Daughter, and I get to say
"I bought Starslay3r a drink!" She said she would try and make it down here for Border Rumble,
I hope she does, she plays a mean Honda, she made it farther then any of us from Laredo :-)

Photograph by: Mikeyboy956
Dragula96 meets Guitar Hero pro gamer Starslay3r

Photograph by : Dragula96
In the forground:Victor T. and Gustavo "Goose" have a few drinks to relax.
In the background we see a packed place with SSFIV Players!

Photograph by: Dragula96
Mikeyboy doing a button check right before going into battle!

Update 2:
Top 3 Results for the event
1st - FubarDuck (Ibuki)
2nd - Luiz (Seth)
3rd - Jewel Man (Honda)
Me and a couple of the local guys are headed out to  Alamo City Gaming Championship on Saturday, some of the best players in Texas will be in attendance!

Monster's Arcade from Huston, TX is gonna be in attendance and will be streaming the video feed.
you can all check out how Laredo's best fair against Texas' best!
Head on over to to view the stream Saturday, tournament starts at 2pm.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two new characters in SSFIV? Interesting

@Gootecks tweeted this photo.

Capcom stated that the new characters wont be announced until Tokyo Game Show.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Border Rumble 2010: South Texas SSFIV Tourney, $500 Guaranteed + Pot! + side Tourneys: Tekken 6,Mvc2,SC4

It's Official! Border Rumble 2010 is happening in Laredo, TX.
South Texas's biggest fighting game event ever!
Presented by: ,,
and Dr. Joel Sauceda.
Saturday October 2nd 2010
Bravo Care
Doors open at 11:00am, Tournament Starts at 1:00pm

$500 Guarantee + Pot for SSFIV
as a bonus, Dr. Sauceda will throw in an additional $200.00 if the winner of the SSFIV Tournament goes undefeated (never gets sent to losers bracket)!
SSFIV game rules:
- Double elimination
- 2 out of 3 rounds
- 2 out of 3 matches
- finals/grandfinals will be 3 out of 5 rounds

Side Tournaments will include:
Tekken 6        - $10 entry fee
MvC2             -   $5  entry fee
Soul Calibur 4 - $5 entry fee

Venue fee is $5 for people that will play, and free to those that just go and watch/hang out.
Bring your own Joystick/Pad, we have limited to lend out.

For more info, map, rules, & online registration (highly recommended, registration at site will be slightly more)
visit official site:

7/22/10 Update 1: I added game rules to the official site check it out. more details will be posted at a later time.
7/22/10 Update 2: Official Border Rumble 2010 Message Board now up!

Laredo, TX SSFIV Scene! @ Bravo Care,
this place has plenty of room, fits 300 easy!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marvel Costume Pack 2 for LBP Tuesday!

While not exactly fighting game related, I can not refuse to pass this info along.
LBP will be getting more Official Marvel Character costumes!
Finaly Spider-man can occompany Dr. Octopus in LPB.