Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reminder: Border Rumble Aftermath Online PSN Tournament Tonight!

The Brackets are set!

Tonight we dine in hell!
don't forget if you registered for BR: Aftermath, the PSN Online SSFIV  tournament starts at 10:30 so dont be late!



October 9th, 2010


PSN Text Chat

1st Prize is a $50 GAMESTOP Giftcard!

Local & TX Players Welcome!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Made a Laredo,Tx post over at after the results of Border Rumble 2010

I shortened the link up so its easyer to remember:
Laredo players, please stop by and say hello to the world and leave a coment!

Update: I made an even shortter url :p

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Imnextonline invades Boarder Rumble 2010!

our good friend YetiAntics from  has posted a very nice video of interviews and captured the vibe of Border Rumble 2010, thanks!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Border Rumble 2010 Tournament Results from Laredo, Tx

First of all, I would like to thank Mikeyboy956, Felipe Garcia for co-hosting the event, and Dr. Joel Sauceda for putting up the Guaranteed $500 Dollars.
I would also like to thank the players from out of town for coming down here.

Shout out to the boys from Houston: Josh,Jan, Anthony Word. thanks for coming guys sorry if i didn't get to play you guys, i was allover the place yesterday, my game was way off. :-(

Shout out to Burn Your Bra, thanks for showing up, she did extremely well at the tournament, beating down some of the boys here in Laredo!

Special Thanks to: Monster's Arcade for traveling a 5 hour trip down here to Stream the event live and providing us some systems and TVs for us to play on.

OK, now for the results:

Top 3 SSFIV Results(out of 37 players):

1st. Victor T. | Laredo
2nd. Fro | Brownsville
3rd. Pabbs (Loveless) | Laredo

Top 2 SC4 Results(out of 9 players):

1. WarriorPanda | Laredo *correction
2. Gabriel Martinez | Laredo

Unfortunately only 2 people signed up for Tekken 6, and two for MvC2.
so i wont be listing the results for those.

Over all it was a great tournament, with allot of support, next year's Border Rumble 2011 will be at least $1000 Guaranteed + Pot! so we hope to see more players down here to Try and take the title from Laredo!

here are the streams captured from Monster's Arcade.
Grand Finals:

Watch live video from Monsters Arcade on


Watch live video from Monsters Arcade on

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