Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SSFIV/MvC3 Mini Tournament @ Mikeys Gamestop Feb. 14th

Laredo's first ever MvC3 Tournament? it can only be pulled off by one man: MIKEYBOY956!

In celebration of MvC3's Release mikeyboy is throwing a SSFIV/MvC3 Tournament over at his GameStop store over at :


7309 San Dario Ave
STE 160
Laredo, TX 78045
(956) 726-1889

This is what mikey had to say on his FB:
"Who wants a MvC3/SSF4 mini tourney with gamestop goodies on midnight launch for MvC3!"

Bring your Valentine Date! it will probably start at a later time call or  contact mikeyboy for more info.

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